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Welcome! Today we’re talking with Ryan Giles from RFG Plumbing in Windsor, Ontario Serving Southern Ontario about Drain Saving Tips. This is a multi-part series that is aimed at saving your drain lines from unnecessary maintenance or worse a blockage or breakage.

First we are going to talk about one of the most active areas in most houses, and many businesses; the kitchen! Kitchen drain etiquette is far from a wide spread knowledge. Most people simply throw anything and everything that can physically fit into the drain. This practice can leave you with a blockage, and possibly a backup if not properly cleaned. This brings us to our first tip.

1. Kitchen Sinks Number One Killer: Grease!

Grease is very bad for your pipes. It hardens, and becomes sticky like molasses. It needs very hot water to blast through it once it has hardened. We always will recommend you never to put grease down the drain but it does happen, and we can show you come of the effects of grease build-up in some of the photos below

2. Always use the Hottest Water Available

If you do need to rinse grease, paint, or any other viscous substance you will want every bit of hot water you can get ahold of. You will want to turn your tap to the hottest setting to ensure the substance can make it out of the sinks P-Trap into a larger diameter pipe that can more adequately handle the substance.

3. Drain Screens or Basket Strainers are Drain Savers!

Using a drain screen, basket strainer, or filter on your sinks drains will prevent larger debris from entering your pipes. Any large objects that you can avoid entering your drain will be all for the better. Utilizing a screen can stop vegetables, food pieces and accidental drops of valuables down the drain. There easy to remove, and clean.

Check out these excellent basket strainers on Amazon!

4. Clean Your Trap – P-Trap Maintenance

Many home owners are not aware of Serviceable P-Traps that are common on alot of plumbing fixture around your house. Including your kitchen sinks drain! If you have a Solvent weld P-Trap(Listed Below), you will require a plumber to clean your P-Trap, that’s why at RFG we install Union Based P-Traps that features a trap with removable twist ring that allows you to lower your P-Trap and clean out any debris that could be caught in your Trap.

5. Blockage Types and When Enough is Enough!

There are multiple possibilities of Blockages, but when it comes to Kitchens it goes like this:

  • Grease
  • Food Debris
  • Oils/Liquids Improperly Poured down the drain
  • Forks, Spoons, and Straws
  • Toys, and Who Knows What!

Grease requires powerful jetting, drain cleaning technology to blast through the grease at a high PSI and tempurature. Food debris requires a machine that can deliver torque with a cutting head that can penetrate the blockage. Forks, Spoons, and straws are debris no one plans on having, but enviably happens to the best of us. These blockages require physical intervention by taking out the pipe section or pulling the debris out manually. This goes the same for larger objects, Cement, and even Kids Toys!

6. A Professional Difference

Now you may be wondering what’s the difference between a snake eel from the local hardware store, and RFG Plumbers. Well that’s easy, one can get the job done, and one most certainly won’t, at least for any amount of time anyways. RFG Plumbers are trained to analyze each situation. We utilize specific tools for the job at hand, this means using advanced Camera inspection technology to see what exactly the problem is. Don’t be left with a broken tool in your pipe, only costing you more down the road.

Some of the Technologies Used by RFG Plumbing:

HIGH PSI Power Jetting

High RPM Cable Eel System (Large and Portable Varients)

Clog Dog Pipe Cleaning System (Large and Portable Varients)

Air Blasting – Pressurized High PSI Blasting of Blockages

Camera Inspection System

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