Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps work by collecting ground water into a pit at the lowest point of your foundation. Then by using a Sump Pump Motor, the water is pumped out of the pit into your sanitation or through an ejection line to take the water away from your home.

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How can a Sump Pump help save me money?

Sump Pumps with a Pit can save you alot of time and money if you have them installed by an experienced RFG Plumber. The pump motor is important when it comes to having a system you can rely on. We would never install something that we wouldn’t install in our own home. The devastation that can cost you thousands and thousands can be prevented with a proper pump and backup pump system. Ask us today how a new pump and/or a backup pump could help protect you from a flooded basement.

Will the City of Windsor cover the costs to install a Sump Pump?

The City of Windsor has a Backwater Valve and Sump Pump Pit Program that allows citizens to have a large portion of the cost covered to get a Backwater Valve and/or Sump Pump Pit installed. RFG Plumbing will handle all the paperwork to get you started. You can contact us for more information or visit the City of Windsor website for more information on the Backwater Valve/Sump Pump Program:

Are all Backwater Valves the same?

There are many different types of Backwater Valves and Sump Pump Motors. RFG Plumbing only uses trusted, tried and proven parts. You can be sure the parts we install will serve you for years to come. If you want quality and professional work done, you came to the right place, we’ll make sure everything is correct. Contact RFG Plumbing.

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