Today, for this first episode of the RFG plumbing podcast we spoke with the principles of RFG Plumbing and RFG Electrical, Frank, Ryan, and Brandon Giles.

We start this story at the beginning with Frank, a master plumber who conceived the business idea with Ryan and Brandon over four years ago. Frank began his plumbing journey as a child with his grandfather, uncle, and father, Ralph Franklin Giles, who’s namesake inspired the business name. He received his plumbing trade as well as a master plumber status. “Now it’s not the same. But, back in the day, you had go through the trade and write an exam for a master.”

Both Ryan and Brandon spent time at a young age helping with plumbing tasks like stocking the trucks with tools and supplies while learning a variety of plumbing skills. After trying his luck with western opportunities, Ryan returned home to join Frank and his brother in their previous plumbing business. “It got to the point where I loved what I was doing”. But, it wasn’t enough. Ryan Joined forces with Frank to conceive a new company that they could build as a family.

Brandon was contacted soon after and agreed to return as well. “When I lived out west I built bridges, high-rises, Houses and everything in between, gained a lot of different, valuable experience through all the different employment that I’ve had. And, I’ve been able to apply that in to our business and help it grow.”…

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