Hello Everyone!

We have been working diligently on the front end and back end of RFGPlumbing.com and RFGElectrical.com. We hope you enjoy the content we have so far, and can’t wait to show more!!

In the latest news RFG Plumbing has been nominated for  “2020 Powerhouse Professional” (A local business owner or top manager who has what it takes to keep the company/organization they own or work for profitable in today’s tough times.) with the 2020 Biz-X Awards. We appreciate all those who have already voted, and encourage anyone else who has not to do so before September 25th at 5pm! Let all your friends and family know, we always appreciate the power of our community which is what we at RFG Plumbing are trying to build.

Also in other RFG Trades news, RFG Electrical is running for “Charged Up Electrical Expert” (The electrical firm to hire for big or small commercial, industrial or residential jobs.) with the 2020 Biz-X Awards. We appreciate all the votes for the Electrical too, we know how much your support means to us, to continue forward to bring you the best all round services company.

Be sure to check out all the other great business’, show support for local business over the the Biz-X Website. There are many other categories that other excellent local businesses are running for. Show them some love, and check out the voting page.

We are still actively looking for more hire’s after obtaining two new employee’s last week! We will be going through more applications, and looking to hire more people very soon. Keep those resume’s and applications coming through, and be sure to let anyone know about our Hiring Opportunities. View the Job applications here.

Thank you for your support from Everyone at RFG Plumbing, Electrical, and Trades.

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