Halloween is upon us. That wonderful time when kids flock from house to house brandishing their favorite costumes, candy bags, and a genuine excitement that only comes from the sight of copious amounts sweets. Far too often though, Halloween activities can end with plumbing issues. How you wonder? clogged toilets! We’ll go over some Halloween toilet tips to avoid having issues.

Pumpkin pulp is the number one reason for clogged toilets after Halloween. Dump your pumpkin carving waste in the garbage, or lookup recipes that utilize it for an after Halloween dessert. Check out these recipes!

Pumpkin recipes

Costume makeup often contains oil based products which can cause blockages, avoid putting any oil based items down the drain.

Makeup removing products also cause havoc as they wont break down in your drain system. This includes face wipes, cotton swabs, and paper towel. Washable items like cloths with oil based products on them should be soaked in detergent prior to entering the washing machine.

For those with young children, Halloween is a great time to teach them to dispose of their candy rappers, and anything that should not be flushed, in the garbage.

These Halloween toilet tips should help to prevent problems in your waste system and ensure a pleasant Halloween experience!

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