2020 has been tough on everyone. Learning to live with new challenges and navigating safety measures related to covid-19 can give the coolest of us anxiety. Modern advancements in commercial restrooms have provided us with safer and cleaner environments to do our business. So why choose to change your public restrooms to touchless? Why go hands free?

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Benefits of going hands free


Touchless systems reduce transmission of germs significantly reducing the spread of disease and limiting the risk of viral outbreak.


Without hands touching bathroom fixtures they stay clean longer. Toilets will no longer remain unflushed.


Hands free systems allow customers to enter and exit more swiftly freeing your washroom up to other patrons.

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Individuals with limited mobility will be able access and use touchless fixtures more easily than mechanical fixtures. Safety and accessibility should always come first.

Cost efficient

Because hands free bathrooms have less mechanical parts they tend to last longer without the need for servicing. This means less money to maintain, less down time, and generally less hassle.

Touchless products include:

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  • Censor driven faucets
  • Touchless soap dispensers
  • Self feeding paper towel
  • Censor driven hand drying fans
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Self flushing toilets
  • Censor driven lighting

Modernizing your public restroom to go touchless will ensure a clean, hygienic environment for your customers and save you money in the long run. Contact us online or call 519-817-7117 for an estimate.

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