When kids talk about their future occupations they most often fantasize of becoming singers, athletes, astronauts, and even royalty. Although it rarely makes the list, some special individuals will follow the path of the journeyman plumber. Not much is known about this species of human in their natural environment. Even less is known about what it takes to walk the path. In this article we will dive deeper into the world of plumbers and what you might not know about them.


We Face Danger Head On

While hostage situations and drug cartels are not in our wheel house, we meet danger everyday to complete our mission. High pressure pipes can burst while being repaired, being exposed to harmful chemicals on the regular, and don’t forget exposure to human waste. Every day plumbers put themselves in harms way to protect your home and family from plumbing disasters.

We Correct Mistakes

Replacing worn or damaged plumbing isn’t the only job of a plumber. We regularly work to correct areas that no longer meet code. We also identify improper installation of plumbing items and correct the issue before it becomes a big problem. While we encourage homeowners to take charge of small jobs, plumbers often need to replace or redo homeowners DIY projects.

We Are as Prompt As Possible

Plumber working on a sump pump repair

We understand how a plumbing emergency can cause havoc in a household. Emergencies can cause damage to your home, keep you from being able to shower or wash your clothing. Plumbers know how important timing is and work very hard to arrive as soon as possible. Sometimes the previous emergency call requires more time than anticipated. In these situations it is near impossible to be on time every time. However, plumbers work hard to meet the timelines of their schedule and help provide safe plumbing to their customers.

We keep clean

Plumbers arguably deal with the dirtiest situations of any trades. Between grease, chemicals, dirt, and human waste, we are surrounded every day with the risk of exposure. For this reason, plumbers have a very rigid procedure for staying clean and safe. It may surprise you that plumbers have better cleaning practices than most.

We Are Professionals

It takes an incredible amount of studying and experience to become a journeyman plumber, even more for master plumbers. Wisdom comes with time and effort, every plumber knows this well. When a plumber arrives to your house they bring with them all the knowledge and experience that you require to keep your home safe. Plumbers care about their responsibilities to the safe plumbing in your home and take it very seriously.

Plumbers finishing a back water valve

We Like Saving You Money

Saving the home owner money is like a badge of honor for a plumber. Whether we are replacing valves before they become a problem, or recommending alternative options for flood prevention, we work towards the best interests of the customer. The most important thing to a plumber is trust. That’s why we work hard to solve issues in a timely manner at the best possible price to you.

Knowledge is power and with a greater understanding there are now a few less things you don’t know about your plumber!

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