If you would have asked anyone in the 80s if they would buy bottled water for their home they’d ask if you were feeling ok. Yet, somehow, it has been marketed as a necessary item so well that it has become a regular item in most homes. Although it’s believed that bottled water is a good choice, the facts suggest otherwise. Consider the following and stop drinking bottled water.

Bottle of water

What’s Wrong with Bottled Water?

Plastic Leaches Chemicals

Plastic bottles can soften and even melt if near sufficient heat or light sources. More over, it can leach small amounts of chemicals over time. That’s why water in bottles can sometimes taste like plastic. Sourced from NPR, plastic contaminants leach chemicals that act like hormones (BPA) in the body.

Most Bottled Waters Come From A Tap

Commercials present bottled water as if it gets collected from glacial springs by the hands of monks. The Reality more resembles factories. What’s more, many pull their water straight from municipal water sources Branding it with words like “Purified” or “drinking water”.

Field of used plastic bottles

It’s Bad For The Environment

Millions of barrels of oil are needed to keep up demand for water bottles. Factories produce pollutants in the making of plastic. And after you’ve used your bottle it must be processed again releasing more pollutants. Some plastics like the caps, do not get recycled, but end up in landfills.

It’s Expensive

Bottled water costs many more times the amount of tap water and offers little to no advantage in return.

But Isn’t Tap Water Bad For You?

Most Municipal Drinking water is very safe to drink. In fact, Windsor Ontario has received the highest grading available for quality of drinking water in February 2020 as well as many times in the past.

What About The Taste?

Even while Windsor has won many awards for the taste of their water, some may prefer a different taste. Water filters with carbon inserts are available in fridge container styles as well as off the tap styles. Carbon pieces designed for drinking water can be placed right in a container in the fridge, or try placing cucumber pieces in water to change the taste while adding nutrients to your daily intake.

Consider the switch back to tap water. Save some money while saving the environment and your health. Stop drinking bottled water.

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