In the last few years home values have jumped at a larger scale than ever before pushing many to rush to buy. Homes are often selling much higher than asking price, as is, without restriction. Without the ability for proper inspection, perspective buyers are gambling with their finances. Personally inspecting certain areas during your initial walkthrough could save you a lot of money and heartache down the road. Add these items to your home buyers plumbing checklist as you walk through perspective homes.

Kitchens And Bathrooms

Run Faucets

Under sink shut off valves

Check for water pressure. Low pressure or flow could be the result of faulty fixtures, inadequate pipe size, or corrosion.

Check for good sink drainage. Poor drainage could be caused by poor venting, a clogged drain, or improper drainage installation.

Check that the shut off valves work. Turn off the valves, then run the faucet. If water still comes out you’ll need to replace the valves. Check that no water leaks out while in either the off or on position, and for leaks around the sink drain.

Toilet shut off valves

Flush Toilets

Check for full flush. Poor flushing could be caused by old or damaged toilet parts, or a blockage in the sewer pipe.

Check for leaks around the toilet as well as near the shut off. Leaks can cause water damage and cost much more than the repair itself.

Run The Shower

Check for good water pressure. Poor pressure could point to an old shower head, corroded pipes, or inadequate plumbing.

Check for good drainage. As with the other drains, poor drainage may need unclogging or repair.

In The Basement

Water Heater

Hot water heater

Check the age. Anything over 15 years should be inspected by a Licensed plumber. Most hot water tanks last from 10 to 15 years.

Check for rust. Corrosion or rust would indicate a leak or other failure in the tank.

Check for strange noises. Hot water tanks should not make strange noises, this would require plumbers inspection.

Check for leaks around the inlet and outlet valves while in operation.

Check the hot water. Brown or sandy water means a replacement is necessary.

Water Main And Meter

Water meter and main shut off valve

Check for leaks. The water meter can expose leaks in the plumbing system. Turn off all the taps in the house and monitor the meter. If it’s still moving there may be a leak in the system like a running toilet or even a broken pipe.

Check for leaks around the main shut off and meter. Old shut offs often leak in the off position.

Main Sewer Drain Inspection

This is something you will need a licensed plumber for. Even if you aren’t able to have an inspection before buying, a formal home plumbing inspection is a good idea after buying. Licensed plumbers will run a camera inspection revealing any issues with the main drain as well as addressing any other plumbing issues in the home. Knowing the state of your homes plumbing can help you proactively deal with issues preventing expensive repairs down the road.

Be an informed buyer by using our home buyers plumbing check list and know what you’re getting into. Knowledge is power. And, in this case, plumbing knowledge will give you the power to save costs and headaches while shopping for your next home.

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