Whether you are worried about minimizing the risk covid transmission, tired of cleaning fingerprints off the top of your toilet, or just too lazy to flush manually, touchless toilets could be for you. Automatic flushing toilets have been available to the commercial market for years. However, home markets are just now starting to incorporate modern technology in bathrooms. Check out these touchless options and bring your bathroom to the the future!

Techo touchless toilet kit

Retrofit Options

Retrofit censor and motor kits are the cheapest options. They are adaptable to older, manual toilets and are available for flapper, and dual flush types. Minimal installation is required so you may be able to install without the need for a plumber. Toilets are still able to flush manually while the automatic kit is installed. Prices range from $150-$300

Touchless toilet

Touchless Toilets

These are standard looking toilets that have been designed to incorporate a sensor and flush motor. They will blend in with your existing fixtures well but will not break the bank. handsfree toilets are available at most hardware stores.

Smart toilet

Smart Toilets

Are you a nerd for technology? Or, do you simply believe your bottom deserves the absolute best? Either way, you will be extremely pleased with smart toilets. The smart movement in technology has spread to bathrooms with great form. In addition to hands free flushing, you can expect a heated seat, retracting bidet with temperature control, mood lighting, music, and remote functions. While this option can be expensive, it will make your dark side feel like a million bucks!

Wow your friends with a toilet fit for royalty, or show your minimalist side with a sleek, normal looking touchless. With this many options you’ll be sure to find a touchless toilet to suit your needs.

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