Frequently Asked Questions

can a home owner do their own plumbing?

This varies depending on where you live, gernerally rutine maintanance can be perfomed by the home owner as well as replacement of like products such as a toilet or vanity. any installation or repair should have a permit and an inspection. installing or repairing improperly can lead to damage of property, contents, and even health problems. If you aren't confident about what needs to be done or how to accomplish the job, the best thing to do is to call a proffesional. their expertice will ensure the qualty of work and safety of the occupants in the home.

My neighbours have backwater valves, why would I need one?

backwater valves prevent sewer discharge from backing up into your home through your main sewer drain. if your neighbours have backwater valves any sewer backup can travel to your home instead causing flooding and damage to property and contents. A backwater valve can save you from the costs of flooding damage.

why shouldn't I use chemical drain cleaners?

Chemical cleaners can breakdown seals and related componets of your drainage system causing leaks, and cost extra money in repairs. the preffered way to unclog a drain is to use phisical meathods such as an eel, jetter, or compressed air snake.

what are my payment options?

we accept all forms of payment including credit, debit, e-transfer, and cash. Ask us about our financing options.

are permits required for plumbing jobs?

Mostly all plumbing jobs require permits. Reqirements differ from municipalities so it's important to contact your local building department. 

is my garbage disposal causing clogs?

Garbage disposals work by grinding up food items before they enter you drain. This can cause problems including blocked pipes by overloading your drainage system. Also, food items can become trapped in the machine causing foul oder. we do not recommend the use of garbage disposals or "garburators". A good option could be the use of an outdoor compost, which is better for the environment, and will save on your electricity bill.


wipes, mascara wipes, FEMININE products shouldn't be flushed?

Absolutely not.  None of these items will break down in water. Such products will sit in your pipes collecting grease and waist items, eventually requiring a plumber to come unclog the system. Wipes and related products should always be disposed of in your garbage.

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